• How do I buy items from Tack Converters?

    Buying items from us is safe and easy! Buyers are protected in that the owner of the item has signed a Statement of Ownership. Don't stress, we will make sure your purchases arrive clean and undamaged with safe packaging and shipping. Or if you would prefer, call us to arrange a time to come and pick your items up directly from us.

    To make a purchase, please select from the items below and optionally add to your Tack Box. Once you're happy with your selection, proceed to the checkout page where you will be able to submit your selection list to us. We can then arrange payment and your item(s) will be shipped to you or you can pick up from us at an arranged time.

    Items sold are given a star rating based on their condition. 1 star is poor, while 5 stars is very good.



  • I want to buy something. What are my payment options?

    We do not take credit card. Payment options include:

    1. Direct deposit. This is not as fast (usually two working days) however is a safe and secure payment method. Please contact us for our bank account details.
    2. Cash Payment - arrange time for collection and payment.
    3. Personal or Bank cheque. Again, this is slower however we accept this as a payment method.

  • I have bought something. How do I get the item?

    We have a free of charge pick-up option or we can deliver the product via post - the price will vary depending on the size of the package. We are located about twenty minutes out of Geelong on the beautiful Bellarine Peninsula. Make a trip out if it!

  • What is the cost of delivery?

    We will let you know the cost.

    Please select the desired item(s) from the Buy page. Once there is content in your Enquiry Tack Box, click the Make Enquiry button to submit an enquiry form (to the right side of the page) and we will send a postage cost.


  • How do I sell my items?

    Selling your items is easy! All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

    1. Clean and condition all leather goods and dry clean coats. We can do this for a small fee if preferred but please don’t send things dirty!
    2. Call or email before sending your item(s) so that we know what we are expecting and when OR contact us and make an appointment to drop your goods off.
    3. Post your item(s) to our address listed on the Contact Us page with the Statement of Ownership filled out. On this form you will give details of the gear and set the asking price. We then add a small commission on top of this price.
  • What about the condition of leather goods?

    Clean as best you can clothing/rugs etc and dry clean coats. We understand they have been used so they don’t have to look new!!

    Make sure goods you send are safe for the next owner - anything sent that we deem unsafe we won’t sell!!

    Be smart about posting goods, package them well and send by registered post.

  • I want to sell my item. What if the price I ask for is too high?

    If we think the price you are asking for is too high, we will let you know. We are experienced and have a good radar of how much items are worth. Put yourself in the shoes of the buyers (who are looking for a discounted price), keeping in mind that we add commission on top of your asking price, as well as a postage fee on top of that.

  • As a seller, what will the markup be above the price I ask for?

    We will charge a 20% commission on all items.

  • Why do I have to fill out a Statement of Ownership?

    The Statement of Ownership form is necessary to ensure that the buyer has the security of a statement of ownership by you. It’s just legal stuff...

About Tack Converters

  • What do we do?

    ​Once we have received your item(s) we will photograph, describe and list them on this website. We will happily keep your items until they are sold or you request them back.

    We will issue you a receipt via email once we have received the items and they will be safely stored by us (so please make sure your handwriting is legible on the forms).

    We will contact you once the item has been sold or if there has been a bid lower than your asking price. This will give you the opportunity to accept or decline the bid.

    Once the item has been sold, we will arrange a payment to you of your preferred choice. We will make a direct deposit into your bank account.

  • Do Tack Converters have exclusive selling rights?

    No, we do not have exclusive selling rights. You are welcome to try to sell your own items whilst they are listed with us. Just let us know if you would like them returned to you at any time and you can come and pick them up or pay the return postage fee.


If you change your mind, you are able to return the item within seven days of its arrival. The item must be in the same condition as it was sent to you.

The returns policy is void if you request a lower price than was advertised on the website.