​Statement of Ownership


The Statement of Ownership form is necessary to provide proof of ownership of the goods to the buyer. It’s just legal stuff…


Now we don’t want to get all serious on you, but we have some legal stuff that we need to tell you. The Statement of Ownership form is boring but necessary to ensure that the buyer has the security of a statement of ownership by you.


You can Download the Statement of Ownership form here.

Complete it and return to us with your items you would like us to sell.


Alternatively, fill in the Statement of Ownership form below and click on the submit button.


Statement of Ownership Form

The purpose of this agreement is to protect buyers and sellers of the goods sold by Tack Converters.
This agreement is made between:

Contact Details of Seller:

Company name: Tack Converters Pty Ltd (ACN 14 616 722 073) of 35 Scotchman’s Road, Bellarine Victoria, 3223

Where the Seller wishes to sell the following goods through Tack Converters:

Please rate condition of the items from 1 to 5, where 5 is excellent condition and 1 is useable but worn.


Eg. Roma Saddle Cloth


Size: Full
Colour: white
Condition: worn twice, no major stains



Price Required


Item 1


Description 1


Condition 1


Price Required 1


Item 2

Description 2

Condition 2

Price Required 2

Item 3

Description 3

Condition 3

Price Required 3

Item 4

Description 4

Condition 4

Price Required 4

Item 5

Description 5

Condition 5

Price Required 5

Tack Converters has agreed to sell the items as the Seller’s agent for the stated price(s) above with a 20% commission added on top of this price.


Seller Acknowledgements:

  1. The Seller acknowledges that:
  • Tack Converters will advertise the item(s) for sale on its website;
  • Tack Converters is not under any obligation to promote the sale of the item(s) in any other way;
  • Tack Converters does not provide any guarantees that the item(s) will be sold within any period or at all;
  • Tack Converters relies upon the information provided by the Seller with respect to selling the goods;
  • Tack Converters will collect the sale proceeds (including its commission) from the purchaser which will then be paid to the Seller; and
  • Tack Converters has the discretion to decline to sell the item(s) at any time.
  • Tack Converters offers the customer the option to have the goods delivered by Australia Post, collection or courier delivery. Goods lost in transit are not the responsibility of Tack Converters, unless due to the fault of Tack Converters.


Seller Warranties and Indemnity

  1. The Seller provides the following Warranties to Tack Converters:
  • The Seller is the owner of the item(s) stated above and no-one else has any proprietary interest or rights in relation to the item(s).
  • I authorise Tack Converters to sell the item(s) at the price(s) stated on my behalf.
  • The information provided in this Statement is true and correct and is not false or misleading in any way (including by omission).
  • I will assist Tack Converters by providing information about the item(s) as requested.
  • Where a refund, compensation or other remedy is paid by Tack Converters to a customer under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010, including with respect to goods lost or damaged during delivery, I will make payment of any sale proceeds received by me to Tack Converters within 14 days of receiving an invoice from Tack Converters.
  1. The Seller agrees to indemnify and keep Tack Converters indemnified against any claim made against or cost incurred (including third party claims) by Tack Converters in relation to the Seller’s breach of this Statement, including costs incurred by Tack Converters in pursuing any monies owed under 2(f) above.


Tack Converter’s Obligations

  1. Tack Converter’s agrees to:
  • Use reasonable efforts to sell the item(s) on its website.
  • Pay the proceeds of sale to the Seller within 14 days of the sale.
  • Not reduce the sale price nominated by the Seller without first obtaining the Seller’s consent.

Tack Converters (abn: 14 616 722 073)

35 Scotchman’s Road, Bellarine 3223, Victoria



Phone: 0417231163

*** If you are downloading the form, don’t forget to fill it in and send it with your items. ***